We had 200 responses to our questions and you shared your ideas, suggestions and concerns with us and told us

You welcomed…

  • Future good use of a redundant brownfield site
  • Sustainable forms of energy generation 
  • New HGV layover facilities
  • The potential new employment opportunities for local people
  • The new business opportunities for the area
  • No residential housing development on the site
  • The support for local trades and businesses in the area  

You were concerned about…

  • Existing insufficient road capacity, local infrastructure, increased traffic and poor public transport
  • The potential environmental impact of development
  • The scale of the development
  • The management and size of the layover facilities
  • The potential impact on Hoo St Werburgh
  • The employment opportunities for local people
  • The Energy Hub – confusion over use (by another applicant for an incinerator for clinical waste)
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