Public Consultation (Feb ’21)

Pre-application public consultation – February 2021

From Wednesday 3rd February 2021 to Wednesday 24th February 2021, Uniper consulted on its proposals for MedwayOne – to enable the redevelopment of the former Kingsnorth power station site.  

At the time of the public consultation, the UK Government had imposed a national lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which prohibited public gatherings and events taking place. To comply with this, and to ensure everyone’s safety, all engagement for MedwayOne was carried out virtually with the agreement of Medway Council.

To ensure that we made as many members of the community aware of the consultation and the proposals, we sent a leaflet to nearly 5,000 addresses surrounding the site, which provided information about the emerging proposals, webinar dates and times, and contact details for anyone who might not have access to the internet or feel comfortable commenting online. A feedback form was also enclosed with the leaflet, which allowed for handwritten feedback responses to be submitted. Adverts were placed in the local press to further promote the consultation to local communities neighbouring the site.

A range of engagement methods were used in addition to this project website, including a virtual exhibition room which included a fly through video of how the site could look; and two live online Q&A sessions.

Image of online exhibition room
The virtual public exhibition room