Questions we asked you…

Q1. To what extent do you agree that the proposals for this site are a good use of this disused and vacant brownfield site?

  • 40% of responses to this question agreed the proposals were a good re-use of this vacant brownfield site with 42% disagreeing.  
  • 12% of people who answered this question didn’t express a preference and 6% chose not to answer.
Feedback form graph 1

Q2. To what extent do you agree that MedwayOne is a positive opportunity for creating new employment opportunities for local people?

  • 43% of respondents agreed that MedwayOne could be a positive employment opportunity for local people with 36% disagreeing.  
  • 16% of the responses to this question had no preference.
Feedback form graph 2

Q3. To what extent do you agree that the redevelopment of the site will stimulate the local economy?

  • 40% of respondents agreed and 40% disagreed that MedwayOne could help to stimulate the local economy.
  • 5% of the overall responses we received chose not to answer this question with 15% remaining undecided.
Feedback form graph 3

Q4. Do you agree that any proposals for MedwayOne should include sustainable forms of energy generation to help Medway and the UK achieve its climate change objectives?

Sustainable forms of energy are clearly important to you with 65% agreeing that the proposals for MedwayOne could help to achieve UK climate change objectives.

Feedback form graph 4