The redevelopment of this brownfield site has the potential to bring a range of benefits to Medway. These include:   

  • New employment space and associated infrastructure stimulating the local economy by attracting national and international companies, helping to deliver long-term investment in Medway.
  • A wide range of employment opportunities, supporting sustainable growth in  Medway, with the potential to deliver around 2,000 to 2,500 permanent, full-time equivalent  jobs when fully occupied, with at least a further 900 jobs created in the wider Medway area.
  • Generating at least £48m per annum as economic output once fully occupied, which equates to a  business’s wage bill plus annual profit.
  • Creating around 700 temporary construction jobs over the lifetime of the build.
  • An estimated economic output of £35 million per annum during the construction phase. This roughly equals a business’s wage bill plus the amount of profit made per year.
  • Generating up to £10 million in Business Rates annually which Medway Council can use to invest in local services and initiatives.
  • A financial contribution to Medway Council (if required) towards infrastructure improvements through a Section 106 planning agreement. This would assist the Council to fund important works which are vital regional infrastructure such as highway improvements. 
  • A new Energy Hub which could incorporate a range of different energy uses.
  • An HGV layover area with overnight parking, toilets and wash facilities for drivers serving both MedwayOne and other nearby destinations.
  • 62 hectares (152 acres) of readily developable brownfield land reducing the pressure on greenfield (undeveloped) sites to be released.
  • Remediation of the site from its previous use to remove hazardous materials which could pose a danger to humans and other wildlife.
  • High quality design, layout and landscaping, that would ensure the proposed development sits comfortably within the landscape.
MedwayOne Benefits Infographic