Planning Policy & Progress

The majority of the site is allocated in the current adopted Medway Local Plan 2003, for industrial development. In the emerging Local Plan, Future Medway, also identifies the Kingsnorth site as an appropriate area for more intensive commercial activities, whilst also offering opportunities for energy uses.

Uniper’s proposals for MedwayOne support Medway Council’s ambitions for future economic development in the District, as part of its emerging Local Plan to 2037. The proposals could also enable the development of a lower carbon future for the peninsula, which is a high priority for Medway.

With the potential to generate significant inward investment and create new employment opportunities, MedwayOne would complement and support future planned growth in Medway.

Uniper’s outline planning application, with all matters reserved (except access), is currently being considered by Medway Council. The application looks to establish the principle for the development of part of the site and the parameters within which future detailed designs (via future reserved matters applications) can be developed.

Our outline planning application sets out the following:

  • Maximum extent of development area/no build zones
  • Maximum heights of buildings
  • Maximum floor space
  • Landscape, ecology areas and buffer zones
  • Use of buildings
  • Design principles
  • Details of the access, including the road design from Eshcrol Road.

It is expected that building heights would vary across the site. The buildings closest to the site entrance would be limited to 15 meters in height. In the centre of the site, building heights would be limited to 45 metres, with the potential for a chimney stack of up to 100 metres. In the south east of the site this land has been identified as suitable for buildings up to 25 metres.

A full Environmental Impact Assessment has been undertaken and submitted as part of the planning application. It assesses a range of different environmental impacts.

We expect full details of ground works, detailed drainage design, remediation and site maintenance would be controlled by planning conditions, and we envisage this information would accompany the subsequent reserved matters applications. The outline application does, however, include details/strategies for how these technical matters could be addressed.

If an outline planning permission is granted for MedwayOne, detailed plans would need be approved by Medway Council and other appropriate agencies under separate, more detailed planning applications known as reserved matters, before construction can begin.

Reserved matters applications would be submitted by the businesses that locate on MedwayOne in the future, as they would be responsible for developing individual parcels of land at the site. Reserved matters would cover details of the final built design, including the appearance of the buildings, scale (including height), layout and details of landscape design, which would all need to be within the parameters consented by the outline planning permission.

Allocation Plan
Kingsnorth Allocation Map (adopted Medway Local Plan 2003)