MedwayOne is an exceptional opportunity to deliver diverse new employment opportunities through the delivery of commercial and energy generating uses.

It would attract significant new investment in the area and support sustainable economic growth in Medway. Uniper’s proposals for the site would deliver:

An attractive scheme to meet market demand, including a mixture of commercial, manufacturing and industrial uses along with storage and distribution, including data centre and energy uses.

New high quality employment with around 330,000sqm of employment space that could create around 2,000 to 2,500 permanent, full-time equivalent jobs once the MedwayOne is fully occupied. In addition, around 700 temporary construction jobs could also be created as a result of the proposed redevelopment, predominantly on the site and over the lifetime of the build.

New opportunities for local businesses during the construction phase and in the supply chain.

A flexible scheme that offers a range of opportunities on site that would be able to respond to future need and market demand.

Options to create an Energy Hub that could potentially provide power, steam and heat for neighbouring businesses, as well as a district heating scheme for the proposed housing development – Hoo Rural Town.

An HGV layover area for around 40-50 HGVs to park overnight with wash and canteen facilities for hauliers serving both MedwayOne and other nearby facilities.

A landscaped setting with a focus on sustainability, creating an attractive place to work, whilst being sensitive to the surrounding environment and nature conservation areas.

Protection of ecological assets within the site and enhance its ecological value, whilst also considering those on the wider peninsula.