The Masterplan

MedwayOne (former Kingsnorth Power Station site) comprises a strategic brownfield site which is uniquely positioned within an already industrialised landscape, with good access to the local and strategic highway network.

The current adopted planning policy (Medway Local Plan 2003) supports industrial development on the wider site as does the emerging Local Plan which identifies Kingsnorth as an area better focussed for more land intensive commercial activities, whilst also offering opportunities for energy.

The principle aims of the masterplan is to:

  • Secure the comprehensive redevelopment of a strategic brownfield site;
  • Provide flexibility for a range of uses to respond to market demand and need;
  • Meet an identified need for industrial, distribution and energy uses;
  • Deliver local employment opportunities, supporting sustainable growth in Medway;
  • Deliver development that is compatible with its surrounding environment and is sensitive to adjacent ecological designations;
  • Incorporate measures that enhance the ecological value of the Site;
  • Provide an attractive environment to work;
  • Deliver a high quality and sustainable development located in close proximity to proposed residential expansion.
MedwayOne Site Plan
Site Plan
Interactive Masterplan